Publication of The Final Report for task 1A.3


On behalf of State Water Holding Polish Water we would like to inform you of publishing the Final Report for 1A.3 “Restoring natural values of Lower Odra Valley by improving the retention and flood protection capacities of Międzyodrze” being an element of Odra-Vistula Flood Management Project (OVFMP), Component 1, Flood Protection of the Middle and Lower Odra, Subcomponent 1A. Flood protection of areas in Zachodniopomorskie Voivodship, implemented with international financial institutions, including the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank) and the Council of Europe Development Bank (under the Contract of Loan concluded on 10 Sep 2015 between the Republic of Poland and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, loan number IBRD 8524-PL).

The Final Report contains a summary of all the aspects and actions taken under Task 1A.3 by Polish Water, the Consultant’s Engineer (Sweco Consulting Sp. z o.o.), and other entities and individuals involved in implementation of the Task. It covers the preparatory (conceptual) work, including its outcome, and conclusions for functioning of Międzyodrze in flood protection terms as well as keeping its current retention capacity with simultaneous improvement of its environmental conditions. The detailed information that was collected over more than two years is presented in the Appendices to the Report (i.e. the geodetic inventory of hydrotechnical structures – in Polish, nature inventory report – only Summary in English, final hydraulic modelling report – in Polish, analysis of physical and chemical properties of water and bottom sediments – in Polish, analysis of climate changes and adaptation processes – in Polish, hydrological and natural model – only Final report recapitulation in English, report from social consultations – in Polish) and make up a set of knowledge on Międzyodrze and its functioning. Publishing the Final Report marks completion of Task 1A.3. The performed conceptual work and analysis of the collected materials proved no grounds for implementing the Task in the original scope and intent consisting in carrying out the works mainly for flood protection reasons.

At the same time we hope that the publishing of the Final Report will be an introduction to a further debate on this special and multidimensionally important area of our region and will contribute to broadening the knowledge of Międzyodrze in social awareness. The wide response Polish Water came across during the social consultations on the initially planned works in Międzyodrze shows that its presence and use is vital to many individuals and institutions. The knowledge the Final Report presents can certainly be a substantial base for future undertakings related to local flood protection, environmental protection, development of tourism, and other similar activities. Therefore, the report and the work done for preparing it should be perceived as rather an initial stage of achieving the result (including improvement of tourist and economic availability) than closing and definite completion of the works.

 The Final Report can be downloaded at the following link:



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